Our Mission

Our mission is to provide huge employment opportunities to young and talented engineers in Madurai with high motivational spirit and offer them onsite working projects in India. Our main aim is to deliver highly quality product and to maintain the long lasting relationships with our clients and completing the project efficiently and economically.

About the Company

We started our journey in 2018 

IBU INFOTECH Positive Outlook is to make and create a noteworthy & optimistic difference in the overall language needs of the clients Our aim to offer a Web development ,Application development,Digital marketing ,Translation services provided by all over India.

Direct clients

As for direct clients it may be harder to approach them if you don’t have much experience. A lot of companies don’t trust newbies, they don’t know much about the software industry and you might have to explain to them the services you offer, Researching direct clients takes more time than researching  agencies,but you can work for higher rates and better deadlines,Being a direct suppliers means that you have more bargaining power (and margins!).